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Looking for Guttering Repairs? We Have Decades of Experience
When gutters are working as they should they do a great job of keeping rainwater flowing freely where it needs to go – away from your property. Cracks, missing components, and blocked gutters could be causing this rainwater to leak onto areas of your property and cause expensive and extensive damage.
Here at Thistle Roofing Ltd, we offer a complete gutter repair and replacement service that will repair to the very highest standard with over 25 years’ experience in Falkirk and sterling. Gutter screens slow down the rate at which the gutters are filled with debris and increase the frequency of gutter cleaning. The best way is to use down pipe guards only in certain cases if suitable for your property. We do carry several protectors and parts in our vans for time efficiency for our customers. Thistle roofing Ltd is the only trusted professionals in Falkirk and Sterling, will suggest the best option according to the situation. We can supply and fit cast iron or UPVC guttering and can advise you on the most suitable type for your property and requirements. Our prices are very cost effective and we can also get to you quickly if you need emergency assistance. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our services and how we can help you with your guttering repairs or replacement.

The Highest Standards In Guttering Repairs

We can recommend the right guttering for your property. For example, a cast iron rainwater system is ideal for heritage or listed properties and is available in many different profiles to suit your residential or commercial property needs. Cast iron is immensely strong and will last for many years without any problems, especially when fitted by our experts. It also looks superb on listed and heritage properties and is in keeping with traditional styles to require your property needs. This type of guttering may be more expensive than UPVC, but a quality system like the ones we supply will give you 50 years of reliable use, and could last for as long as 100 years!

Whether you require UPVC or cast iron guttering for your property, we can assist. We have been repairing and replacing guttering components for years, and we recommend you leave this job to the professionals for your own safety and the best results.

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