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Thistle Roofing Ltd | Falkirk and Sterling Award Winning Lead Sheet Roofing

Lead has been a popular and most durable roofing material for centuries, and it’s easy to see why its appeal has endured. Renowned for its durability, this material offers strength, style and expert quality for roof flashings, dormers, and much more.
Lead is also among the most environmentally friendly materials available today because its resistance to corrosion ensures lead sheet will outlast any alternatives and is more cost efficient. Using lead in roofing have more environmental benefits and durability make our lead roofing services superb and value for money.
Thistle Roofing Ltd, our experts are extremely knowledgeable, precise and refined in the work they produce – from detailed project management to ensuring your lead work will retain its strength and lustre.
Whether you want simple roof work or something more complex for commercial or residential property– such as work on spires, parapets or dormer windows – we’ve got you covered. Thistle Roofing Ltd is the only trusted and leading roofing specialists, we can meet your lead work needs, however specific or complex.
From ladders to scaffolding, Thistle Roofing Ltd provides and use their own roofing equipment for customer’s peace of mind and complete Jon at high standards and on time. This saves you an extra cost and the tiresome task of finding an available company to pay for access equipment at thistle roofing Ltd we got it all covered.
For unparalleled workmanship at unbeatable prices, give thistle Roofing ltd experts a call today and we can do free roof checks and provide you with the best, affordable advice at your convenient.

Emergency And Routine Leadwork Services

Whether you require emergency or routine repairs or replacement to your lead work, our team can help. We have been working with lead in various forms for many years and can offer the highest level of craftsmanship to ensure your lead performs and looks its best for many years to come. From minor repairs to complete lead sheet replacement, we thistle roofing ltd give you total peace of mind with our insured and guaranteed repairs by our highly trained and skilled roofers.
Over the years, we have worked with countless domestic and commercial customers and helped them to keep their lead work in perfect condition. We can arrange a roof survey for you today and provide you with a cost-effective quote that we are sure you will be delighted with high standards, where our reputation and customer satisfaction matters the most. Why not speak to our team today to find out more about our services and to make a convenient appointment?

The New Generation Of Flat Roofing Is Here

Here at Thistle Roofing Ltd, we pride ourselves on keeping at the forefront of the most innovative and advanced roofing techniques. If you have been experiencing a number of problems with your existing flat roof, fiberglass roofing is the permanent solution. This unique seamless roofing system will make roof leaks and short lifespan problems a thing of the past.

Thistle Roofing Ltd Specialise in:

  • New Slate Roof and Slate Roof
  • Leadwork
  • EPDM Roof and Repairs
  • Felt Roof and Repairs
  • New tiled roof and repair
  • New Fascia and Soffits Repairs
  • Guttering